What Do Baby Angels Represent

What Do Baby Angels Represent

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Angels are depicted in imagery as children and young adults who look very innocent and pure. They typically appear as white or blonde haired children with big blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and wings. They also appear as cheerful adolescents with long flowing hair, wearing light colored clothing. The innocence and purity of an angel is represented by their childlike appearance.
The idea of angels being children comes from their close association with childhood innocence, purity, and the values of goodness.
Angels are believed to be the spirits of very good little children that have passed away without being baptized into a Christian Church. Their pure souls were accepted into Heaven after they died because they had lived such virtuous lives while they were on Earth. Therefore they are referred to as baby angels since they represent the purest type of angels that exist within God’s Kingdom.

What do baby angels represent in Christianity?

Baby angels represent the purity of children, innocence, and goodness.
When an infant or young child is born into a Christian family, they are baptized into the Christian faith. This is typically done shortly after birth. If a baby dies before baptism, that person’s soul goes to Heaven because they had lived such pure lives while they were on Earth. They become one of God’s little angels and are believed to live in Heaven with other angelic beings until the day that their souls are reunited with their bodies. These people become “”baby angels”” since they represent the purest type of angels that reside within God’s Kingdom.
As babies grow older, many of them transition from being baby angels to becoming full-fledged adult members of God’s Kingdom who also help out on Earth by appearing in visions or dreams as well as being messengers between humans and God.

Angel as a spirit

In Christian beliefs, angels are spirits with a spiritual essence. They are not physical beings, but they do exist in the physical world. This is because they are part of God’s Kingdom on Earth.
An angel’s existence is not visible to humans, but their influence is seen in the world around them. The way an angel influences humanity is by serving as messengers and protectors for God. It’s believed that when someone dies, their soul can either go to Heaven or Hell depending on how they lived during their lifetime on Earth. Angels help guide people who want to be good people into Heaven so that their souls can move onto a better place than Hell, which is where all evil souls end up after death.
The most popular belief about angels is that they are actually guardian spirits for people and animals because they work to protect those who deserve protection from people and other creatures who would want to harm them. In addition, angels also act as guardians over buildings or places of worship like churches or temples.

Why are angels depicted as children?

The idea of angels being children comes from their close association with childhood innocence, purity, and the values of goodness.
Children are viewed as pure because they have not yet experienced any of life’s vices such as sex or violence. They still retain many of the qualities that make them innocent; they are naive to the world and its ways, which is why they are referred to as “”little children”” in the Bible.
Unlike adults, who have been tainted by sin and have lost their innocence and purity through rebellion against God, children represent a state of life before the Fall.
The idea that there is an angelic realm filled with good little boys (and girls) is another reason why angels are depicted in imagery as children. A child embodies all that is good about humanity: innocence, peace, love, kindness, understanding, joyfulness- even innocence towards evil itself.

Angel as guardian spirit

The idea of an angel as a guardian spirit is based on their close association with children. The older the child, the more likely that they are to become an angel. To ensure that the child will not turn into a bad person, angels will always keep them protected and make sure they live in a safe environment until they are old enough to survive on their own. There are many stories of children being watched over by angels until they are old enough to live on their own. They can also be given a guardian angel after death so their soul can make it into Heaven.

Meaning of child and angel in Islam

In Islam, angels are considered to be the servants of God who carry out His orders. Angels carry out good deeds like helping people, guiding them towards faith, protecting them from harm and more.
Some Islamic scholars believe that angels also serve as messengers of God because they are said to have been sent down by Him at the time of creation. They are also believed to bring messages and warnings from God to humankind.
The most important role that angels play in Islam is that they serve as intermediaries between humans and God. Therefore, all believers are encouraged to seek their help when seeking divine guidance or forgiveness for any sin they may have committed in the past.


Angels are depicted in many different ways in Christianity and Islam. One representation of an angel is as a guardian spirit that protects the world from sin. The meaning of the word angel changes depending on the culture and the religion. Angels are commonly depicted as children because they are said to be pure, innocent, and without evil.

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