Broken Angel Ornament Meaning

Broken Angel Ornament Meaning

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When you feel broken, it can be hard to know where to begin. For some, the feeling of being shattered is a result of a single tragic event but for others, the experience feels like a constant low-grade ache. Brokenness can come from something that completely overwhelms you, leaving you confused and frightened. It can leave you feeling worthless and guilty for ever feeling so happy in the first place.
As human beings, we have an intrinsic need to recognize patterns in our experiences. We do this so that we understand how other similar events have unfolded before us ג€” in order to give ourselves the best possible chance of avoiding them again in the future. This is why some people may feel broken when they realize their soulmate is no longer on this earth with them. There are countless stories across cultures about what happens when souls are separated from their bodies at death ג€” one of these being that angels come to collect those who were close with us while they were still alive.

What does the saying “Angels We Have Heard on High” Mean?

Of course, not everyone can hear the sound of angels. But for those who have, this phrase is a reminder that God is near. It’s also a reminder that there is hope and support during times of loneliness and despair.
The Bible refers to this event as the “feast of the angels” or “feast of the shepherds.” In Luke 2:8-14, we get a glimpse into what happens when Jesus was born: Mary and Joseph were visited by three wise men from the east who told them about Jesus, his birth, and his future greatness. The other explanation comes from Luke 10:7-11 when Jesus tells the disciples that they will be in heaven while he goes to Jerusalem to die on their behalf.

Broken Angel Meaning For Christmas

Christmas is a particularly magical time of year. It’s the time when people are hopeful, and joyous and full of life. But it’s also often a difficult time for others. During this season, many people feel lost and alone, especially those who have felt broken in some way. The angel ornament has become an iconic symbol in our society because it represents hope and the magic that can happen when we let go.
The angel is the ultimate protector of humanity ג€” but the meaning behind its symbolism goes even deeper than that. The angel isn’t just there to help anyone who needs it; the Angel is there to help those who are struggling with their own brokenness. A Christmas ornament doesn’t need to be anything fancy or expensive; you can find an angel ornament sitting on a shelf at any Wal-Mart store or hobby shop for less than $10 USD if you search long enough!

Broken Angel Meaning For New Year’s Eve

The broken angel ornament is a blessing and a reminder to cherish what you have with the people you love. It can be difficult when we are not given any warning, but it’s important to appreciate what we do have.
The broken angel ornament is also a reminder that life does not always go according to plan. We all know that times are tough for many people around the world and the broken angel ornament will remind us of the importance of taking time out for ourselves in these challenging moments where emotion feels overwhelming.

Broken Angel Meaning For Valentine’s Day

At the heart of our broken angel ornament meaning is the notion that love is not a finite resource. It’s also important to remember that when you’re feeling broken, it’s not your fault. The world has a way of taking things out of perspective for us and making us feel like something terrible has happened, but the truth is so much worse.
We’ve been hurt before ג€” and we’ll be hurt again. It’s part of life. But the truth about love will always remain: it’s more than what we see on the outside ג€” there are layers and depth to it just as there are layers and depth to every person who has loved you or loves you now. We may feel broken while on this planet, but as long as we remember that love is bigger than everything else in our lives, we can find peace in knowing that a new chapter will begin again soon enough.

Broken Angel Meaning For Easter

As a symbol of the Resurrection, the angel appears as a broken figure. This is symbolic of how our Savior came to Earth and was rejected by society.
The broken angel ornament is meant to represent Easter, which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave three days after his death.


In the Christmas carol Angels We Have Heard on High, it is written that angels “”we have heard on high.”” The meaning of this phrase is that the angels we hear singing are not on earth, but are in heaven. They sing because they are happy to be up in heaven and they sing to glorify God. This saying is often used as a Christmas carol to remind people that what’s important is what is happening in heaven and not what is happening on earth.

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